Meet Samone

I was born in Orange County, California and moved to Arizona at age 9. I began my journey in real estate as a leasing agent at an apartment complex, moving on to multi-family management in Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada. Eventually my focus turned to residential real estate and I purchased a highly recognized real estate franchise. Samone Beitler I continue to hold an Arizona real estate license; and currently my interest has turned to real estate investment and training as a means to help my clients and acquaintances.

After discovering a real estate investment education strategy which involved a supportive community , my eyes were opened to several different types of investing (not just the ever popular fix and flip). In these investment types, I gained knowledge that investing can happen in an IRA or an HSA (health saving account) to grow retirement at a rapid pace which will get my husband and I back on track for retirement after the 2008 downfall.

The training I have completed has helped me become financially literate and has changed my life by enabling me to develop a financial management plan. These days, I want to assist others interested in learning the investment side of real estate so they can realize their dreams, leave a legacy and enjoy time freedom from the dreaded cubical.

Until you learn how to use leverage in your life, you’ll always work way too hard and earn way too little! Get smart!!!

In helping other people reach their goals, my own have become clearer to me. In fact, I have learned how to operate my life differently as a result of the education and community. I strive to be a positive impact on the world. One of my goals is to eventually own a 50 unit apartment complex, as well as other ‘buy and hold’ properties for passive income. It is my dream to create non-profit housing for teenagers who have been left on their own so they can learn that they do not have to be a product of their environment and they can achieve greatness!

I have been married for a long time and have 2 children (1 grown and 1 teenager) and a dog (Blue Healer) named Lui (or Screwy Lui because he is at times!). Outside of business, I enjoy being outdoors mountain biking, hiking, jet-skiing at the lake, or rollerblading through the park. Disc golf is a great family sport, and being outdoors rejuvenates me. Growing more mature, (not old!), I eat organic as much as possible, while exercise and yoga keep me healthy.

Are you interested in gaining the same financial literacy as I have through sound, practical real estate investment education? Please contact me today, I would love to discuss it further with you!


Samone Beitler
Principal, Legacy Care Investors