How it Works

Whether you have a background in real estate investing or simply want to achieve a level of financial literacy that puts you on a path to financial freedom, we provide a community and an opportunity for you to learn and grow!

From our Essentials Course, which reveals financial secrets and teaches you to complete a transaction from start to finish to the Accelerated Investor Training Program which offers advanced vocational tracks, we have educational opportunities tailored to your specific financial and real estate investing goals. Scroll down to see more.

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Make the decision

Attend a free investor forum as my guest and see what our real estate investor training is all about. If you feel this approach is a good fit for you, we can discuss education plans in greater detail!


Put in the work

Once you have chosen the education plan that is best for you, complete the coursework at your own pace from anywhere and participate in community events to supplement and accelerate your learning.


Change your life

Have you struggled with stress or worry about your financial future and security? Would you like to achieve financial literacy, feeling confident about your future financial freedom? Make the decision and make a change.

Sample educational topics

These are just some of the topics covered extensively in our comprehensive investors training courses:

Advanced Mortgage Acceleration
Buy & Hold
Commercial Analysis
Commercial Leases
Commercial Lending
Commercial Real Estate
Credit Repair

Financial Strategies
Fix and Flip
Investment Property Managers
Lease Options
Managing Property Managers
Market Analysis

Private Hard Money
Raising Money & Partnerships
Real Estate Sales Success
Seller Financed Notes
Short Sales
Tax Liens & Deeds
Title, Escrow & Closing
Understanding Your Mortgage


Unmatched educational programs

Our expert practitioner instructors teach in their areas of interest and expertise—ensuring real-life examples and hands-on experience. With classes ranging from basic money and wealth strategies to advanced real estate investment, the courses ensure our students gain the knowledge they need to be successful in money management or real estate investment.

Strategic financial planning

In addition to traditional real estate investing, you’ll learn highly effective financial planning strategies that include retirement, tax and legal, and debt reduction!


Supportive, engaged community

You’ll be part of a local community made up of like-minded individuals who are friendly, supportive, and committed to growing together. You’ll have the confidence in knowing you are never alone on your journey.

Ready to take the first step?